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3 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

It is not easy picking a wedding photographer in Montreal, especially when there is so many of them to choose from. Allow for us to break it down into 3 simple steps, and reassure your special wedding night goes as planned.

1. How would you describe your approach to photographing a wedding?

This gives the photographer an opportunity to clarify how they would like to work on your wedding day. They may be the kind of person who likes a clear timeline and a shot list from the couple. They may expect a certain amount of time allocated for photography and you need to know if that’s something you’re happy to agree on.

The Genysis team prefers to allocate some time to escape with the couple to take some amazing portraits. Our priority is always to capture the story of the wedding and to avoid taking the bride & groom away from their guests for any longer than is necessary. It’s not a photo shoot, it’s a day where the couple and all their favorite people come together to celebrate and have a great time. We like to document that in a creative way more than spending too much time doing group shots or portraits.

2. What kind of Photos do you aim to create on our wedding day?

There are photographers whose portfolios are filled with amazing portraits of couples in gorgeous locations yet they fail to show the true story behind the magical day. There are others whose portraits seem like they’ve been captured without the couple even knowing. Many photographers these days are fantastic at showing a series of photographs that give a sense of how it was to be at the event.

The Genysis team prefer to deliver a set of images that will transport the bride & groom back to their wedding whenever they look at them. We want them to remember how they felt and to relive the day through the images whenever they want to. The team still loves to capture some amazing portraits that couples will frame on their walls. What really brings it all together is finding the perfect balance. For that we employ several photographers that are skilled in specific styles to offer the couple a unified experience.

3. What kind of wedding venues do you enjoy shooting at?

Many couples think that photographers who have shot at their venue before will know all the good spots for photos and be able to do a better job on the day. The genysis team disagrees.

It’s rare that a venue is so huge that we can’t easily scout it out on the wedding day, or possibly before. We employ or trademark “sniper shooters” to do just that! We thrive on change, and hate the idea that we will shoot the same kinds of photos as previous weddings. We prefer to be inspired in the moment and to concentrate on what makes a wedding unique. It is for this reason that we prefer photographing weddings at venues new to us. The constant change keeps our vision fresh and some of our greatest works came from the unexpected.


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