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8 Things to Check Before Choosing a Wedding date in 2019

It’s time to make reservations, appointments and decisions for you dream wedding this year. The Genysis team has taken the time and careful deliberation to provide future weds with a complete to-do-list to get you ready for your special celebration!

1. Are there any local events on the same day/weekend of your wedding?

Choosing dates can be stressful when faced with the task of ensuring that the majority of people invited are available the day of your wedding celebration. First things first; ensure that there are no local events taking place in your area the day of your wedding. Guests, unknowingly to you may have plans to attend local events prior to you wedding day invitation. What’s worse, passage to your venue could be blocked, or hindered for guests. This could generate a lot of stress for you and guests, reducing the enjoyment of the day. Always make sure to check in with your local chamber of commerce to get an overview of events around the potential date of your wedding.

2. How high is the chance of rain ?

While we understand this is generally very difficult to do, since weather is constantly changing. Steer clear of rainy season, and try and coordinate the wedding date with a time of year that an average yields great sunny weather! Rain in some cultures represents good luck, but it produces a heavy strain on all members involved in planning the wedding and on the bride, groom, and bridal party.

3. Can every member in your bridal party (VIPS) attend ?

Along with running the date by your immediate family, it is important that every member of the bridal party (groomsmen & bridesmaids) can attend the wedding. Try your best to avoid any birthdays. They are the most important guests to coordinate with besides the immediate family. After you have gotten the all-clear from your crew, do NOT try and accommodate the rest of the guest list. Opening up discussion will lead to other opinions that will make planning the wedding difficult.

4. Is your wedding/honeymoon during a busy time at work ?

After the wedding celebration, couples typically pack their bags and head out to their dream destination to celebrate the first week of marriage in paradise. It’s always a good idea to coordinate with work to ensure that couples don't plan a wedding day at a busy time at work just to have to stay home and postpone the honeymoon.

5. Does the date work for your personalities/preferences ?

If you are considering a wedding day during summer, consider this; does your fiancé sweat excessively ? Does your hair hold up, in warmer/humid conditions? Wedding dresses also play a surprising role in timing. If you've always envisioned a long sleeve dress, or a heavily layered dress, a fall, or spring wedding might be better suited to your needs, rather than a summer celebration.

6. Do you have seasonal allergies ?

If you do, it might be best to think twice before locking in a summer or fall date. Anyone that suffers from hay fever or spring allergies knows it is extremely difficult to function. This puts a damper on celebrating, letting loose, and fully enjoying your special day. While some symptoms may be alleviated with medication, its best of grooms or brides don't feel the need to sniffle and scratch their eyes during the ceremony.

7. Are all your vendors available?

If there is a wedding photographer/ videographer, DJ or live band that you must have at your wedding, it is important that you contact them as soon as possible to ensure that the wedding date you have in mind coordinates with their schedule and can accommodate you. Lucky for you, if you chose the Genysis team, we can guide you through the wedding planning process, and with our partners, coordinate with vendors to provide to you a complete and care free wedding experience!

8. Is it a date you will treasure forever ?

While all the reasons listed above are important when planning a wedding day, it is important that the date holds some sentimental value to the couple. You will be toasting to this day for the rest of you lives, and you need to ensure that you can both stay present and enjoy that moment together forever!

We hope that these pointers and suggestions will bring certain considerations to light and help ease choosing a date for your wedding this 2019 wedding season!


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